Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Awesome Sauce Kgördee!

Kgördee made dinner tonight, but he didn't just make dinner, he made freakin' chicken cordon bleu. It was perfect, I mean Perf- diddly -erf!!! The crust was crispy and light, the chicken was juicy and tender and the prosciutto and gruyere were working their mojo inside it all. Not only did he make dinner but while he made this devine meal he also gave me some quiet time.
My favorite part of our dinner conversation was Kgörd trying to explain to Jane that she should just try a bite of the Chicken so she can experience all of the wonderful flavors together. The twins are at a stage of crustiness when it comes to meal times and unfamiliar foods so watching K try to coax the kids into trying something new was pretty awesome. Dinner and a show! I love Kgördee, hands down favorite Husband!