Monday, April 27, 2009


Dixon was out for a run with Andrew and swung by the house so I could practice with a child who doesn't reach out and touch the camera lens while I am trying to take a picture. We had limited time and resources and no hair and make-up, but I think we did okay.

More Photos for the Gandparents, move along

Ugh, why oh why is it so complicated to take cute photo's of your kids. You have to have good light, cute clothes, clean faces and they have to want to cooperate. How often do the stars aline, hum, like never. Taking a picture you are happy with is a harsh mistress.*

I took so many photo's (hundreds, no really) this morning and ended up with just a hand full that I like. And yes, I had to sell my soul to the treat fairy to get the kids to sort of stand still. It's really amazing that they are still talking to me. Hopefully I am going to try to shoot my nephew this evening and see if I can do any better.

There is so much squatting involved in picture taking that if I keep this up Elliott will be here tomorrow. Hmmm temping.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

That's all Folks

So if you are not directly related or more importantly a Grandparent you might want to move on. I'm sorry, I know, I know how many pictures can I post of my kids in the same clothes on the same day doing the same stuff.

Well this is the last of it for today anyway. Mostly I feel the need to keep my parents flush with pictures of the kids and as my in laws will be overseas as well for the next few weeks they will need some pictures until they get home too.

Bug Hunt

In Bloom

A dwarf pear tree out in front of the house.



Hold Still Naughty

Here are some more pictures of the kids in my attempts to figure out my camera and be a good little student. Last night in class we talked about lighting, composition and how to work with what you have. So this morning the kids and I went out in front for some pictures, they thought we were just looking for bugs, bless their hearts.