Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Alive!

So let's be honest, my first attempt at planting my garden in the house didn't work. It was hideous, or at least it smelled really bad. I was so excited to start the plants before they could go into the ground but it all ended tragically.

Mostly I used manure that had been composted and miracle grow to water the plants with and I think that might have been too much. My real sin was covering the plants with a plastic tarp at night to help with the stink.

I know, what was I thinking, how much of a green horn can I be, how embarrassing for me and all that. Whatever. Live, learn and never invite animal waste products into your home again no matter how broken down they are.

Well I started again on Thursday and finished planting on Saturday, this time I just used potting soil and these great little peat containers that go right in the ground. But Camille, you might say, didn't you save yogurt containers for a whole year just to plant your garden. Yes, I did and I really can't talk about it. Gone, all gone.

Anyway, I am so excited that my little radishes are coming up after only a few days. Double Plus bonus, the kids haven't touched them and no more poop smell in my house! Hooray, I guess keeping it simple was the best plan. Thanks Dad for all of the good advice and the encouragement.

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