Tuesday, October 28, 2008

story time

This morning Jane told Josh and I a story while we were cuddling in my bed. Usually Kgordee and I do the storytelling and it's at night and it always involves a dragon. So here is Jane's Story.

There was a boy and a girl and a mommy and a daddy and a whale and the whale ate all their friends, and they were scared. The whale looked up at the sky and there were no clouds and there was a big huge dragon and they were scared. And they all rode bikes.

The End

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Free T-Shirt Opportunity!

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Halloween 1999

This costume got me 3rd place at the Nu Skin costume contest when I worked there in 1999. It had working blinkers, a horn and a car stereo that played the Carpenters. Thanks to Lori for sending me this picture. I miss my VWs!

Monday, October 20, 2008

it's all in the avocado

I love that Josh and Jane both love avocados, well they like fresh guacamole anyway, which if made right is 98% fresh avocado. I think that some people don't understand avocados or at least they don't get why others are so into them.

As some might know there are few things I like better then a veggie avocado sandwich. However many things can go wrong with the avocado in that equation. Between the kind of avocado used*, portion control to the very ripeness of the fruit there are so many bad sandwiches waiting to happen. I have had just about every kind of avocado related disaster out there.

The latest and greatest being back east in PA, at a little bakery with amazing looking food (to be fair the sandwich minus the avo was great). I ordered a turkey bacon sandwich on a baguette with avocado. Side note, most places charge between 50 cents and dollar to add it to a sandwich. When I ordered the sandwich the girl behind the register had to ask what to charge for avo, never a good sign, it means they don't put it on sandwiches often enough to know what they are doing. I should have known, but I went forward with the order and got my sandwich, which looked perfect.

I was fairly horrified to bite into it and find that the avocado was rock hard, not sort of hard but "use a hatchet to open it hard". The fact that the slices were 3/4's of an inch thick should have tipped me off as well, however I foolishly thought I had scored and that all of my years of suffering with sub-par sandwiches was coming to an end. Nope. It was disgusting, I should look at the bright side, diamond hard avocado is super easy to pick off a sandwich.

Oh well, I will keep trying until one day I find a place that knows their avocado and consistently doles it out with generosity and ripeness.

*I really can't even bring "avo spreads" into the conversation because they don't count, no, no, no they don't, face it, it's goo, not an avocado.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few things

Yesterday the twins and I fed the ducks at this rad park off of 2000 N in Provo, or is it 2000 S in Orem? Whatever. There were these sweet little baby ducks with little black webbed feet that kept getting rebuffed by the adults when they went for the food. Josh was really torn between throwing the corn bread to the ducks and throwing it at the ducks. This is our new favorite outing.
My new favorite is making homemade bread. In the two week before we left for PA I think I made bread or rolls about half a dozen times, I could not get enough. So I am back at it again, it is so comforting to smell hot bread in the oven. I still can remember coming home from school on a rainy day and smelling Mom's fresh baked bread. Thanks Mom for the bread making skills.
Lastly we had Tyler's kids over today for play time. The babies are so cute they toddle every where and Adriel ran around with the twins seeing who can be the loudest. The twins had a great time and I think Tyler's girls did too. I love that our kids have cousins to play with that are so close by.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebrating seven years together in the Big Apple

We started our trip into NYC by driving through time square to get to our hotel which was a block and a half away. I haven't been in NYC for over seven years and Kgordee has never been so it was fun to experience it for the first time with each other.

We checked into our hotel and then walked around before dinner, we saw were Letterman films and waited around to see if we could catch a glimpse of his guests, Michael Sera and Julia Louis Dreyfus, but no luck. We had a dog from a street vendor and I have to say that it was really lame, it might be that I'm just pg and weird right now, but I highly doubt it.

After dinner we went to see Phantom at the Mystic theater and we had great seats. Kgordee had never seen it before and the only time I had was about sixteen years ago. I really love musicals, and though it isn't my favorite musical by far, seeing it with Kgordee makes it one of the coolest theater going experiences I have ever had.

After the show we went up to the top of the Empire State Building for a look see, it was midnight and very cool (also very cold) and the lights from the city were amazing.

The next morning we went and waved at the Today show cameras and watched Ann and Matt chat up the crowd. We took a tour of the NBC studios, where we saw the set for Conan and SNL, which were both ridiculously small. I gave Kgordee a little bit of crap over the tour, but it was actually so rad. It was cool to see where everything is filmed and all the random pictures of SNL over the years hanging in the halls.

We ended our trip with a picnic lunch and wee little stroll around Central Park. We only had twenty four hours in NYC but we packed a lot in and really enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks, Kgordee for the best seven years of my life, you rocked this trip.

Visiting the Fam in PA

We had such a rad time visiting with Kitti, Justin and Grace a few weeks ago in State College, PA. It was the perfect place for a visit and to vacation from the every day. We did all of our favorite things, we hung out with friends, (who happen to be fam too) sampled many, many yummy things from Wegmans, with a lot of sleeping, reading and knitting in there too. Thanks, we love you guys.

Halloween Party Extravaganza

Thank you Jed, for throwing the most AMAZING Halloween Party ever. This year it was Harry Potter themed and even more unbelievable then in past years, which is saying a lot.

Josh went as Billy Idol and Jane as Cindy Lauper, their ideas, I swear.

We ended the night every tired and happy, with a big thank you to Jed and this family for a fabulous party.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008