Monday, October 20, 2008

it's all in the avocado

I love that Josh and Jane both love avocados, well they like fresh guacamole anyway, which if made right is 98% fresh avocado. I think that some people don't understand avocados or at least they don't get why others are so into them.

As some might know there are few things I like better then a veggie avocado sandwich. However many things can go wrong with the avocado in that equation. Between the kind of avocado used*, portion control to the very ripeness of the fruit there are so many bad sandwiches waiting to happen. I have had just about every kind of avocado related disaster out there.

The latest and greatest being back east in PA, at a little bakery with amazing looking food (to be fair the sandwich minus the avo was great). I ordered a turkey bacon sandwich on a baguette with avocado. Side note, most places charge between 50 cents and dollar to add it to a sandwich. When I ordered the sandwich the girl behind the register had to ask what to charge for avo, never a good sign, it means they don't put it on sandwiches often enough to know what they are doing. I should have known, but I went forward with the order and got my sandwich, which looked perfect.

I was fairly horrified to bite into it and find that the avocado was rock hard, not sort of hard but "use a hatchet to open it hard". The fact that the slices were 3/4's of an inch thick should have tipped me off as well, however I foolishly thought I had scored and that all of my years of suffering with sub-par sandwiches was coming to an end. Nope. It was disgusting, I should look at the bright side, diamond hard avocado is super easy to pick off a sandwich.

Oh well, I will keep trying until one day I find a place that knows their avocado and consistently doles it out with generosity and ripeness.

*I really can't even bring "avo spreads" into the conversation because they don't count, no, no, no they don't, face it, it's goo, not an avocado.


KickButtMommy said...

I love avocado. That looks like Chipotle, which I am seriously craving right now. Am I right?

Maudie Jane said...

Yep, it's Chipotle, we had a little family outing to SLC last weekend.

Jessica said...

Asher and Soren love avocados too! They are perfect baby food. Slice open and start spooning. I hate crunchy avocado, ick.

The Howick Family said...

I LOVE guac... so tell me, how do you make yours??? I'd love a guac that is 98% av...