Monday, October 22, 2012

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Cherie and Josh McLean's indiegogo cause and those who have passed the word along via Facebook. The support that they have received has meant so much to them and will hopefully lead to them starting a family.  I just want to update all of you on their progress and share a blog post written about Cherie and Josh at You can read the blog post here:

As of now their campaign has raised 2,325 dollars and I could not be more excited for them. Please take this opportunity to visit their indiegogo site, contribute or pass it along to others.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dance Party

Portuguese Beach at Sundown

Armstrong Grove part 2

Armstrong woods is one of my favorite places in Sonoma County. Although it is well known and touristy it is never crowded and it is always peaceful. I know there are a lot of places like it along the Nor Cal Coast but like my grandmother's house among the redwoods in Eureka it just seams like home.
I love being among the massive trees and feeling insignificant next to their grandeur. I love all of the ferns and walking on the pine needles scattered over the trails. I like seeing the rings of the few trees that were cut down and left in place and knowing that most of the forest has been around for hundreds of years. There is something about it that seems magical.
I have been on at least one field trip to Armstrong grove in elementary school. For field trips my mom would always pack us a special lunch, we would get something exciting like a sandwich from subway or a bag of chips but always a can of soda which we would normally never have. My older brothers and sisters devised a way to keep our sodas icy cold throughout the day. We would always wrap them in a few layers of tin foil, thereby insulating them from any unwanted heat. It never worked but for some reason we all did it, believing that our precious soda would be preserved from the noon heat. Anyway, I can still remember that in my lunch the day of that Armstrong Grove field trip was a grape soda wrapped in foil.

Armstrong Grove part 1

The Wee's at the Lake

Spring Lake

My family spent a lot of time at Spring Lake together. We would take family walks around it on Sunday evenings or my Dad would take us sailing around the lake in his small boat. I remember one year when the algae was so bad that our little motor (that we used if the wind was dead) got tangled a few times if we got too close to shore. When I was twelve or so I lost a bracelet with metal fish dangling from it off the end of the dock. Maybe it's still there.

Business Time

At home Boodles has a special spot to take care of business, the beach house is no different.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best yarn in Santa Rosa

Cast Away!

Charlie Browniest

Lest anyone thinks this was my idea due to some lack luster smiles, this was all the twins idea. Santa Rosa has statues like this all over the city and the kids love to locate them and then pose for a picture with them.

Fort Ross part dos

I feel like this part of the trip was partly due to nostalgia but also partly in honor of my Dad. It seemed like on family vacations my Dad was forever taking us to historical sites, landmarks and points of interest. All of the side trips we suffered through as kids are now dear memories. At the time I am not sure my Dad and I were on the same page.
My Dad would have also appreciated the reconstruction of a mercantile that was not present for our trip back in 1989.

Oh, It's It alright!

I found these at a convenience store in Bodega Bay, oh the chocolatey goodness! I haven't had an It's It in years and I don't think they are even sold outside of Cailfornia. 
Only after I unwrapped three for the kids and they had started eating them did I realize that I bought one chocolate and two cappuccino. Oops, no one seemed to notice.

Fort Ross

I haven't been back to Fort Ross since my six grade over nighter. As awkward as the six grade can be I have some good memories here. My Dad came with me as a chaperon and I vividly remember my groups turn at the night watch.
My dad and I sat under the stars drinking hot chocolate and deciphering the constellations. I can remember my Dad pointing out a dozen or more constellations and it seemed like he knew them all. He showed me the North Star and told me how to find it by locating the Big Dipper first.
My dad was alway imparting interesting facts and life lessons that I hope I can pass on to my kids.
We went down to the beach the next morning with my class and my Dad and I looked for shells.

Beach House