Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going to Hell over a Cabbage Patch Kid

Let me first just say that I don't approve of being rude to those in the service industry, they get paid jack, little to no benefits and their work is thankless. Having said that I too have worked in the industry and I always hated customers, period. It's like the driver/pedestrian dilemma, if you are driving all pedestrians are thoughtless and think they own the road, if you are a pedestrian then all drivers are impatient and maniacs.

Back to our story. I have been looking for a Cabbage Patch Kid with red hair for Jane for Xmas for the last few weeks, I have been to a few stores with no success. I was in Target last Tuesday and asked one of the roaming sales associates if they had anymore dolls anywhere. The answer came back as yes but they were up on the risers and not to be rifled through. I'm sorry what?? So she went on the explain that her manager told the sales staff that they can not get any dolls down off the risers because it wouldn't be fair to other customers. Okay, again, what???

It's not like the dolls that were out of reach were a special price or were being released on a special day. There is even a sign on the top shelf that says if you need help with anything on that shelf to get an employees help. I told her that it didn't make any sense and that I did understand that it wasn't her fault as it was the stores policy. So I left thinking that Target is super lame but maybe they were saving the stupid dolls for Black Friday or something, whatever.

So Saturday I happened to be at Target again looking for maternity clothes and went to see if there were any dolls left over from Fridays bedlam (I didn't go out on Friday so that can't be confirmed). There were no red head little dolls until I saw some on the risers again. So I paged an employee and sure enough it was no-helpy-mc-helperson for the other day. She started on the same spiel as last time and I told her that was ridiculous and I wanted to see her manager. The protest came back that her manager is the one who told her that they are not allowed to get them down.

Blah blah blah her manager comes over and basically tells me that they can't get them down without checking in back first and then if they didn't have any then a person from the back would get them down for me. Nice, okay so couldn't helpy-mc-helperson have explained that one to me? That one is still a mystery. So the manager made it sound like getting something off the top shelf would be akin to Def-Con 4, keys would have to simultaneously be turned for this feat.

She ended up paging a back room dude to help me who was more than helpful and made it clear that he had nothing better to do then to help me find the right doll.

So what have I learned, not much other then Target hides most of their nice employees in the back room or behind a counter and I'm glad I don't work in retail so I don't have to deal with customers like me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chestnut Stuffing

Just picked up my chestnuts for my yummy stuffing at the new Sunflower
Farmers Market in Orem. Let the festivities begin!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I guess it does still fit

Josh remembered his Nacho Libre costume from two Halloweens ago and insisted on wearing it. He wore it around the house all day while he chased after Jane. Good times.

inquiring minds

Me: Jane you need to talk like a big girl, you aren't a baby anymore.

Jane: There's a baby in your tummy.

Me: Yep.

Jane: The baby can't poop in his* diaper.

Me: Nope he can't, he doesn't wear a diaper.

Jane: What does he wear?

Me: Nothing, he is naked.

Jane: Oh he wears little tiny** clothes.

*Five and a half-ish weeks until we know if it is a boy or a girl.

**Jane demonstrates how tiny the clothes are with her fingers (about the size of a bean).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mamma needs a Drink

I'm going to be the first one to admit that I don't know beans about whiskey. I needed some Bourbon for a pie recipe so I headed down to my local State Liquor Store. I was directed to the Bourbon by a helpful store employee but once there I still didn't know what I was really looking for. So this could be the entirely wrong kind of Bourbon to use in a pecan pie, but I'm going to give it a whirl.

Going into a State Liquor store knowing that I don't drink liquor is a really strange thing. It's not that I'm worried someone will see me and think I'm a sinner (if they are judging, they have committed the greater sin, suckers). I just wonder what other people in the store are thinking about the crazy lady trying to ask questions about booze while they are trying to make eye contact to tell me to move it so they can reach their hooch. I must be like some yahoo tourist with the big map, camera and no sense of self awareness.

Maybe I should hit the tanning beds next.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


How is this possible?

Friday, November 14, 2008

must be mormon?

Only a Mormon would have eighteen boxes of food storage in the back of their mini van.

My parents checked out the canner from the Spanish Fork Cannery and we had a cannin' party at their house last week. How many ways can I use can in one sentence?

I never really thought I would be a "food storage" kind of person, but who does? I grew up with a garage full of fifty-five gallon barrels of wheat, rice and who knows what. We used to play hide and seek around them or at least hide behind them with some swiped treats.

I loved those barrels, though I might have thought differently had I known if the worst happened I would be expected to eat out of them. I think all of that food is now in a better place, which is really a good thing considering it was getting on in years by the time I came into this world.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Mommy, Bad Mommy

As I have been very barfy and yucky lately there has been a lot of knittin' going on. I am working on a little poncho for Jane, though I guess if I really wanted to keep her warm I could just put a zipper in the freakin' sweater that I already made her. Whatever, I can't help myself this is new yummy green yarn and it was begging to be knit into a poncho.

I have ulterior motives for making this for Jane however. If it works out I am going to knit myself one in this rad burnt orange color, or maybe a steely gray, well we will see if that ever happens. I had to include a picture of the yarn in all it's soft and fluffy hanky-ness too, though it is a pain to wind into a ball because I don't have a swift.

There was a bit of sadness as well, Josh sliced his finger on a rotary cutter, (how he found it, I don't know) it wasn't a big cut, only about 1/3rd of an inch but it looked deep. It was very sad, though Josh didn't cry until we put pressure on the cut. Needless to say there was a lot of blood and this picture shows my sweet sweet wrapping skills.

We ended up taking him to the doctor because it wouldn't stop bleeding and I didn't know how deep it was. Of course by the time we got there it had stopped, so naughty mommy that I am, I signed us up for flu shots too and Josh had his finger glued shut.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Do

These pictures are a bit of randomness from the last few days, but in the last two pictures you can see the kids new hair cuts. I know Jane's hair turned out way too short, but I love it. I really should just take them to have their hair cut by someone who knows what they are doing, but I don't think any childhood is complete with out a few "mom cuts". I know I had a few years that were ruined due to the bowl cut. Oh well.

PS What is up with Jane's stink eye, I know she likes her hair because she keeps telling me so, (not that she knows anything, sucker) but now she is such a teen. New hair, new tude.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I must be missing something here

I will be the first to say that I love musicals, Thoroughly Modern Millie happens to be my favorite, so I'm not sure what happened here. Last night Kgordee and I had free tickets to a theater opening and we had a choice of about six movies, and the ones we hadn't already seen did not look interesting except Mamma Mia. As I had been wanting to see Mamma Mia, Kgordee was gracious enough to indulge me.

It's not that I completely regret seeing the movie, but I don't see the attraction it holds for so many. Maybe it would have been different if I had seen it with my sisters as I had intended to do, but this not being the case the experience was painful and awkward.

I think the most difficult part was the singing as you might imagine, but not every one's singing was hideous, when the younger set of actors broke out in random song it seemed a little more natural then say when Pierce Brosnan belted out what ever it was he sang. I am wondering what some of the actors and actresses were thinking when they signed up for this, "why yes, I can and I should sing ABBA* with smoldering eyes and yearning arms. "

I actually heard a few people say that Colin Firth was another person who should never dance in public, or at least for the public, but there wasn't a lot of that. However no one seemed to think it necessary to warn me that Meryl Streep would sing The Winner Takes It All (I am guessing this was suppose to be the bearing of her soul to the one she loved) with a lot of frustrating jazz hands and wacky head/body movements.

There were a lot of these moments that made me look over at Kgordee and give him the "I'm so sorry face". Like all the crotch grabbing, why, why, why with the crotch grabbing? Is that somehow the "rock n' roll" thing to do or a symbol of ones sexual Independence. Maybe someone else can explain this one to me.

I did like the set designs, the clothes the women wore and the extras were really great. In fact the extras were one of my favorite things about the show, as in most musicals they showed up at the right moment for zany antics and chorus lines. I do also have to admit that Meryl was very scrappy in her overalls and worn out tennis shoes.

I think a lot of people liked the movie, so what am I missing**?

*I have to say that I love ABBA, the songs were not the problem it was the delivery.

**Besides a soul.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and Vote!

................even if you vote for the other guy!

Voting lines

This is after already turning a corner. It's ok though. It seems to be
moving pretty fast. I'm just glad to see such a great turnout.