Friday, November 14, 2008

must be mormon?

Only a Mormon would have eighteen boxes of food storage in the back of their mini van.

My parents checked out the canner from the Spanish Fork Cannery and we had a cannin' party at their house last week. How many ways can I use can in one sentence?

I never really thought I would be a "food storage" kind of person, but who does? I grew up with a garage full of fifty-five gallon barrels of wheat, rice and who knows what. We used to play hide and seek around them or at least hide behind them with some swiped treats.

I loved those barrels, though I might have thought differently had I known if the worst happened I would be expected to eat out of them. I think all of that food is now in a better place, which is really a good thing considering it was getting on in years by the time I came into this world.


Rebecca said...

good girl for getting all of your food storage going...
i'm coming to your house in a disaster!! will you share?

miss kitti said...

Such good memories! Good on ya for being all responsible and think aheady.