Friday, November 30, 2012

Pretty night

Last week Dorri came to visit and we had a chance to watch the kids play as the sun went down. Gorgeous night and good company.

Jane in the sun

Last week during Thanksgiving break the twins and I enjoyed some outdoors time. I laid on the little hill while they balanced and rolled on the empty 55 gallon water drums next to me. I remember playing on the ones we had at the old house in Santa Rosa. We would walk on them like lumber jacks or use them as a fulcrum for a teeter totter. We took some time to tell silly stories in the hammock and there was a little jumping on the trampoline. It was a beautiful fall day.

South Fork

Took a little drive up to Vivian Park. The kids were inappropriately dressed so we didn't stay very long. The river was completely frozen for a long stretch so naturally we all searched the ground for rocks. When the rocks didn't work Kgördee found some firewood from a nearby fire ring and flung it at the ice. The kids following their dad's example grabbed chunks of charred wood too. By the time I told them to stop Elli had grabbed a log almost larger than his body to chuck in. Everyone ended up very dirty with very little broken ice to show for it.

We always have time for the pie David

Jane made her very first pie on Sunday night. Since we didn't have any pie leftovers from Thanksgiving I decided to remedy the situation. Jane wanted to help so I showed her my nijia pie makin' skills and let her practice on her own set of crusts. She did an amazing job and picked up a lot of the finer points of pie making with ease.
She is so proud of her pie, and I am so proud of her!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blurry Halloween Parade

I helped with the twin's Halloween party this year and I think I grossly overestimated the 2nd graders scissor skills. I had planned on making paper haunted houses with pop out windows. In the end there were houses with windows but no popping of windows. Since they looked like they were having fun that's all that counts, right?

After the party we went to the gym for the parade at which I forgot that a video would be more suitable and instead snapped a bunch of blurry pictures.
The last picture is of Elliott separated from Kgördee and I by the parade itself.

Halloween 2012

Crazy Mom, Used Car Salesman and Mustache Man!

Happy Halloween!