Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Turtle

This was once one of my least favorite places in the house, the corner between the love seat and the couch. Not anymore, or at least I hope not. The kids love to throw all of the cushions from the couch into the corner and jump into them, hide in them and generally ruff them up.

In an attempt to spare our couches and prolong their life span for a few more years we have purchased what the kids call "The Turtle". It's a really big bean bag thingy from that fits perfectly in the fore mentioned space. The kids love it so much that they each had to give it a hug and kiss goodnight before they went to bed.

We will have to see how well this works, but if nothing else it does match the trim on our couches, cause that's important, right?

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Janet said...

So pleased that these cute little twins are ours!! In fact, they are sleeping downstairs right now at Jones Cottage while their parents have a little get-a-way before the new baby comes.