Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stranger Danger

Josh and Jane have been learning about Stranger Danger in Pre-school lately. They know a stranger is anyone they don't know. However, whenever a UPS guy comes to our house the kids want to know what his name is. They tell him their's and pretty much treat him like their BFF.
Today Josh went one step further. As the UPS dude was headed back to his truck Josh yells, "I love you" with all the passion his little heart could muster. My guess is that if Josh actually knew what was in this rare package he would assume this man was Santa Claus.

A few days ago Jane and I were in a book store standing next a woman when Jane asks loudly "Mommy, is that a stranger?". Hmmm. She balances these embarrasing moments with talking to everyone she meets incessantly.

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miss kitti said...

Love. This. Story. Your kids are full of priceless moments. Keep 'em coming.