Monday, April 13, 2009

Lego Goodness

I ordered Josh some Lego's for his birthday a few weeks ago since the twins birthday is just weeks after Elliot's due date and we might not have a whole lot of shopping time once he gets here. So while I was picking out stuff for Josh I ordered this Beach House for me. Hello, my name is Camille and yes, I'm thirty and I play with Lego's.

I can't be the only one out there. So should it make me feel better that I did not order any Star Wars Lego's, hardly, those are rad too. Lego's were something Tyler and I spent hours playing with, we always spread them out on a blanket and would sort through them for that elusive piece that would complete our construction. Even the sound of Lego's being poured out or played with is something that takes me back.

I love that Josh is so into Lego's, it's one of the few toys that he never tires of (so far) and wants to play with everyday. So I spent some time building this rad little house, complete with BBQ and outdoor patio and then watched the kids play with it for a few hours.


richard dandelion said...

Be still, and know that I am Lego God, MJ.

Maudie Jane said...

I heard about that on NPR, thanks for the link. That's just cool.