Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End of an Era

Josh and Jane had their preschool graduation on Tuesday and it was very short and very cute. We almost didn't make it because the battery in the Van died as we were trying to leave. My nephew saved the day and gave us a jump so we did get there. However we were about fifteen minutes late and there were about twenty-five parents, grandparents and well wishers there waiting for us so that they could begin. Oops, I just thought they would start without us. Not so, since the ceremony was only seven minutes long everyone was very gracious about waiting for us.

Josh decided that he would rather sit with me in the audience than join Jane in the spotlight. Bless his little heart, he has been having a hard time with any separation from me lately, which is understandable with all the changes our family is about to go through.

Anyway, Jane stood there with her letter J that she did all by herself with the other kids as the certificates were handed out. It was pretty funny to watch the kids stare back at all the parents not having the foggiest idea of why they are standing in front of us. When it was over Jane got a picture with her teacher, Sister Cook and the kids ran around and ate cookies and treats while the parents chatted. Fun was had by all.

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