Monday, May 18, 2009

Jane's Story

Kgördee is putting the kids down tonight and as he is rocking them he
tells them a story and they tell him a story.

Jane's story was very interesting tonight. Part way through her story,
as I am lying on our bed next to them, I hear, "And mom said,'What the
hell are the witches doing?'"

Kgördee and I were trying not to laugh so hard that it was a few
minutes before we could even stop her story and kindly talk to her
about not using that word. Judge me if you will but it's been a harsh
few days.


Moddy said...

your kids are so funny. atleast it was witches, that one could have been worse.

KickButtMommy said...


Maudie Jane said...

Side note, Jane really was telling a story about witches, that's one word she doesn't know yet.

Jessica said...

Dang, why didn't they cuss when we were visiting?

The Howick Family said...

I made Brian come in and read this post - we both got a kick out of it! You guys are so funny.