Monday, September 7, 2009

Discovery Park

On Friday the Twins got to take a field trip to Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove with their Preschool*. The kids were thrilled, we have never been there before and it was amazing. It reminded me of Howarth Park back home in Santa Rosa with all of the wooden structures and fun things to, well discover.

The Twins and their new friends found all kinds of things to do, swinging, sliding, riding on the tire swing, a volcano, a rocket ship and following the dinosaur tracks all over the park. They were both particularly sad that they didn't find any dinosaurs. However, they had a great time with their class and we will have to visit the park a few more times before the weather turns too cold.

It was also fun to see how the Twins reacted to having free reign over such a big park. Josh was gone the second we got out of the car whereas Jane wanted me to be with her until she felt comfortable on her own.

* This is a link to the Twins Preschool homepage, FYI.

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