Monday, October 12, 2009

Wish I was Knitting

This will be Josh's new hat if I can get back to knittin' any time soon. I jacked up my right arm picking up our little mouse and I am not suppose to be knitting for a bit, well or typing right now.....cough. So anyway, I am almost done with this one and it is killing me not to finish it.

Josh was none too thrilled to try it on because A) I didn't make him a "carrot hat", and 2) apparently this one is a bit "scratchy". In the picture below you can see Jane's finger pointing out that Josh does not in fact like said hat. Thanks Jane, very helpful.

I feel like he should wear it anyway, isn't there a time honored tradition of children enduring lovingly crafted clothes only because their mom made them. I mean once you put some much time into something shouldn't someone, somewhere have to wear it, no matter how hideous? It's not like he is in school yet and in peril of being torn to pieces on the play ground. Is that wrong?

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