Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bastimentos, Friday September 24th

On Friday morning we ate breakfast at the restaurant and waited for the Canopy tour guides to get there. Eric and Holly wanted to do the Zip line and Kgordee and I went to the beach. We checked out Red Frog Beach first and decided that the waves were too much for swimming so we rode around in the golf cart for a bit, got a little lost and then headed back to turtle beach for a swim.

After meeting Eric and Holly back at the lounge for lunch we grabbed the boogie boards and headed back to Turtle beach. The waves were perfect for boogie boarding and Eric taught everyone how to catch the waves and ride them into shore. I didn't think there was actually anything to boogie boarding except goofing around in the water until I figured out how to get on top of the waves and ride them in. Kgordee and I got a major workout trying to catch every decent sized wave that came through until the waves had smacked some sense into us and we just waited out past the surf for the larger ones.

The waves would pick us up and send us shooting to the beach and sometimes we would get backhanded by the surf and sometimes we would get rammed into the sand. Standing up was also a challenge after getting battered in the water, if we weren't fast enough the waves would knock us over or try to suck us out, though the rip tide wasn't every strong. Finally we got the hang of it and even with the sand burns that we couldn't avoid in the surf it was unbelievable fun. That was the day that we got the most sun, because our sun screen was no match for all that time in the water.

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