Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Street Art

Jane was very busy this evening while I made dinner. She was throwing up some street art in the pantry on a chalkboard I painted in there about a year ago. I'm not sure how many people were lured in by the "random chalkboard" fad that's over run the blogo'sphere but I sure was. I love the concept of chalkboards in various locals around one's house. How handy is it to be able to organize your schedule with the screech of the chalk or write a menu that (in my case) will look better than what ends up on the dinner table. Let us be honest, I NEVER use it, I want to but it just doesn't happen.

So whatever my reasoning for adding this little number to the pantry wall, I am really glad it is there. Jane was so excited to show me what she wrote and the picture of her and I standing next to each other that she drew. She must have adding the little girl in bed dreaming later, so I'll need to ask her about that tomorrow. All of the little scribbles are Elliott's contribution to the project. This is one of my favorite things about being a mom, I love my children's expressions of their world.

PS Least you think things are a little too precious around here, Elliott just signed in his sleep while holding on to my finger and then gave a sleepy "Mommy". In other news, I spent a good deal of time cleaning up dog poop (and pee) from the carpet after Kgördee and Jane had already walked through it.

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