Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookie Party

When I was little our next door neighbor, Lois always invited us over for a cookie party at her home. We would bake and decorate sugar cookies and then have lunch.

Lunch was always frozen corn and hot dogs, that was what we always requested. I am sure my mom loved the cookies party just as much as my siblings and I did because she got to stay home by herself.

Lois, a widow was always more of a grandma than a neighbor to our family. We were constantly at her house, getting her mail for a piece of candy, movie nights, craft projects and a lot of visits.

The cookie parties were legendary, we were there for hours, decorating the cookies and eating the decorations.

Last year Michele started a cookie party tradition for our family. We all brought two dozen cookies to trade and have judged and then we decorated sugar cookies. Jane and I had a great time.

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