Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Lazy Day of Summer

Last night Kgördee and I were set for a date thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Jones but Boodles had other plans. He had a bit of a temperature on the way over but after he started barfing in his car seat we turned around. After a long bath and some medicine we had a whole new Elli on our hands.
The kids and I headed to the front yard, each of us had our priorities. Josh is reading Harry Potter 3, Jane made pretend dinner items for me out of flowers from Maddie's wedding, Elli wandered the yard and I read up on sewing with knit fabrics.
It turned out to be the perfect afternoon of nothingness. I love being outside with the kids, feeling the breeze and hearing all of the sounds in our neighborhood.
I am so glad we planted those few extra trees last year, the flowering cherry in the front yard gave us just enough shade for comfort. We have already really enjoyed our yard this year and there is so much summer left to enjoy.

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