Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

It is so hard to believe that this week is coming to an end. I took the whole week off and it has been great. I thought for sure I would have more time this week to post some pics and updates but each day has been so busy. So, here is a rundown of this week's activities.

Monday - Supposed to be my first real day off for the week but I ended up having to go in and finish up some projects. So, I worked from about 6 am till 10 am. Then I left feeling free as a bird! I went home and we packed up the kids and went to see "Bee Movie." This was the 2nd trip to a movie theater for Josh and Jane and it went really well. Being an 11:35 screening on a Tuesday helped out as there were only about 4 other people in the theater. This time we used the booster seats with Camille and I in the middle and Josh and Jane on each side of us. They loved the movie and were quiet and still the whole time. Amazing! Just like every other 2 year old, Josh and Jane frequently use the word "Again" to express their interest in repeating something that they like - over and over and over and over again. Like spinning around and getting really dizzy - Again! Or reading a favorite book - Again! Or watching a favorite DVD like one we recently bought called "The Snowman" One day I would like to experiment with that one to see how many times in a row they would watch it if I were to continue to grant their "Again!" requests. I would guess it would be at least a dozen. Anyway, watching the Bee Movie in the theater was no exception. As soon as the credits started to roll at the end, Jane looked over and said, "Again!"

The movie was followed by a trip to Cafe Rio for lunch. Josh and Jane are huge fans. They will sometimes randomly say stuff like, I want a dia (quesadilla) from Cafe Rio. They even recognize the general location. I discovered this when we were driving on University Parkway and even though we were not driving right up close to the actual restaraunt, Josh looked over and said, Cafe Rio! The funny thing is that one day we were in Salt Lake and we passed by a similar looking strip mall and he thought that was Cafe Rio too. Last night we tried out the new Orem location. I guess it didn't take much time for the rest of Orem to see that it was open as well as the lines were just like the Provo location.

Tuesday Camille needed a little break and had some things to get done so I ventured out with the kids. Days off are great and I wish I had more of them. I had to mail a package and so we went to my post office of choice which is the one located inside of Days Market. There is rarely a long wait and it is just a lot easier, especially with the kids. The lady at the counter offered Josh & Jane mini tootsie roll suckers. A little stickier than I would have wanted but it was really sweet of her and the kids were totally digging it. Then it was off to Costco for gas and pizza. Josh got a little flirting in as well (see photo). We got home just in time for their afternoon nap and the rest of the day was pretty kicked back.

There was also a trip to Target Tuesday night which I only mention as an excuse to share a couple of cute photos from there.

Wednesday was spent preparing for Thanksgiving. This year was the first year since my mission spent away from my parents. This time it was them being away on their mission. Camille's parents are also on a mission so we had Thanksgiving at Camille's sister's house. It was great since they live 5 minutes away and we didn't have to split the day in half between families. Camille made a fabulous 21 lb turkey and I made the traditional Jones recipe Chestnut Stuffing. We used my parents kitchen since they have a convection oven as well as a second regular oven.
Check out the picture of Josh on the phone at Grandma's house. He just picked up and said these exact words..."Grandma? Hi. This is Charlie Brown... See ya" then hung up. priceless.

Here is the yummy Turkey that Camille made.

Since it was an all Holmes day on Thursday, we made Friday an all Jones day. We went up to Salt Lake and did a little Christmas shopping and then had dinner with Mike and Kate at their place. Jeff joined us as well so it was like another Thanksgiving. Josh and Jane enjoyed spending time with their twin cousins Harvey and Sammy. Since we mentioned the fact that we were going to see them earlier that day, they both kept saying, "Harvy Sammy! Harvy Sammy!"

Now it is Sunday night and I am really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. 4 more work weeks and then I am off for Christmas for at least a week and a half!

Until next time...


lori said...

It was fun reading all about your holidays!! I want to go to Cafe Rio. What do you guys like to get there?

KickButtMommy said...

Wow, it is fun to read about your week! I hope we can see you when we are in SLC (Come to my mom's chili party!) and so I can meet those cute twins of yours.