Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is kind of a big deal, or should I say "heal"! I just can't contain myself, I just learned how to turn the heal of a sock! I can't believe that I pretty much got it right on my first try.

I just got some new knitting needles from Knit Picks ( size 4 interchangeable circulars) and I was playing with the "magic loop" method of knitting in the round, when I thought, hey, this would be a good time to practice turning a heal. Nah Nah! This process has always been very intimidating, yet I knew I would have to concur this fear to get to sock making heaven.

I am just really happy right now, most of the time when I knit something it starts out as a "thneed" (a fine something that all people need) and ends up a "UFO", (unfinished object). I have a lot of these hovering around my house. So just maybe with this little bit of knowledge my first pair of socks wont end up as "sweet spirits".


nat said...

my dear maudie jane,
i am so proud of you for even attempting such a feat!

KickButtMommy said...

I am seriously impressed Camille! Hey I made my blog private but just need your email to invite you! Can you send it to me!

Jiles Pfamily said...

good work! you are might be a better pioneer than elin.