Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday, (Saturday Decemeber 1st) we woke up to a wintery day of snow. The kids were super excited. We went out and got snow pants and we are excited to go sledding for the first time. Of course it will have to be at the Timpview Hill out of tradition. So many good times have taken place in the snow at the Timpview hill. Sure there may be other better places to sled but they don't have the same sentimental value.

This snow man was found on the back of a car in a parking lot. As we parked and got out, the owner of the car had just returned from the store to their car and they had no idea who built the snowman. Josh saw the snowman as we were pulling in and said, "snowman on top of car!" I will officially name it, the "Snowman made of trash found in a parking lot."

Josh bundled up for the cold weather.

Jane in some super cute jammies.


KickButtMommy said...

I remember sledding down that hill with you! Good times.

reggstyl said...

Cute blog! Your kids are so big...anytime you want to road trip up to Seattle, we'd love to have you :)