Monday, January 28, 2008

:: New Knits ::

On Saturday night Kgordee and I were out on a date for his birthday, we stopped off at Borders to pick up the new Joseph Arthur album "Let's Just Be" and I picked up my first Knitting magazine. I never realized how fun knitting magazines could be.

I picked Interweave Knits because of this cute picture I found on my favorite crafty site Posie gets Cozy, I love the lacey little hand warmers from the winter 2006 issue.

I have been wanting a hat, as all the hats I have ever made I have given away. I got this yarn in SLC at a little yarn shop on our 6th wedding anniversary last year.

I know that you are suppose to have something in mind when you buy yarn so you can get the right amount, choose the yarn according to gauge, color, fiber and what have you, but I rarely buy yarn that way. Mostly I just needed this yarn because of the color and the fun wooly texture.

So here is a test swatch, whenever I make one of these I feel so responsible. I hate making them though, they just get in the way of the project. I say this even though I know without them I will end up with a thneed.

So this hat is a combination of one that I saw a picture of forever ago and my own design. I'm not sure it will turn out exactly like I have envisioned it, however I am ever so hopeful. I will let you know.

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KickButtMommy said...

I love how you center dates around knitting! I love that yarn! And I love kgordee. Tell him happy birthday for me! I was trying to get a birthday blog going for him and couldn't find the pic I wanted to use. So I have to add it late! But I thought about him all day!