Friday, August 8, 2008

Rock Star

Yes, it's true Jane rocks this house. She has been diaper-less and dry for the last three nights. We are so proud of her and completely convinced in the power of chocolate chips. I was really unsure as to how to make the jump from just having Jane wear her diapers at nap time and at night to the whole shebang. However a friend of mine said she just took away the diapers and didn't look back, and here we are. The first morning she was dry she got a bowl of fruit loops as congratulations.

This morning she got to watch her favorite show, Making Fiends in the "Big Bed" with me, very exciting. Jane is so excited about her success, she likes engage in "potty talk" pretty much anywhere. We were at Costco a while ago and I had to bring her into the bathroom with me. As soon as I was finished going she yells for all to hear "Good job, you get five chocolate chips". Nice, thanks Jane. Other than a few very frustrating moments, I think potty training has been a fairly good experience for both of us. I am so happy for Jane!


Moddy said...

Is she texting in bed, does it like run in the family???

Lori said...

Way to go, Jane!!

Randall Jones said...

Jane and Sam have something in common. He is potty trained, too, and how nice is that! Josh and Harvey will come round when the time is right.

We sure love our twinners and ALL of the grandchildren. We are tending Helena, Ollie, Sam and Harvey right now for 5 days and will have Jane and Josh next weekend. FUN!!

Love, Grandma Jones

miss kitti said...

Congrats! Yay!