Sunday, December 14, 2008

Say Cheese Naughty

The Fam had a great time in Park City last week. We had some rough times with the twins being a wee bit sick and some craziness about them not wanting to go to bed but over all it was a really fun vacation. The above pics are from our exploits into the land of gingerbread house makin'. The kids mostly ate the candy on the sly as we tried to help them decorate the thing.

I had plans to bake the gingerbread myself but that didn't work out so much this year, maybe another time. Ever since watching some gingerbread challenge on the Food Network a few years ago I have had a dream to make a super rad house with sugar glass windows and Necco wafer shingles on the roof. Oh the dream is not dead, there is always next year.


Lori said...

I may be slow, but is the first picture "say cheese", and the 2nd picture "naughty"? That's what it looks like. We are decorating our gingerbread house tonight.

Grandma F said...

All I can say is WOW! I think your gingerbread house is awesome. Someday I would love to take cooking lessons from Chef Camille.

Aunt Janice