Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let the Great Experiment begin

We are trying to potty train Josh and thus far it is going well. We have armed our selves as many parents have before us with bribes and ridiculous reactions for bodily functions. With Jane we only had to offer chocolate chips and she was on the toilet doing her thing, with Josh we have had to be a little bit craftier.

Josh has more expensive tastes, he likes The Lego's and let me tell you The Lego's are not cheap. Josh is just over three and a half and knows how to use the bathroom though a little hesitant to do any "heavy lifting" on the throne. He has been completely uninterested in using the fecilities up until now. It might have had something to do with the Spider man and Batman underwear that I brought home, but he seems willing to give it a whirl.

Since we bought the twins their first set of Lego's at Christmas Josh has spent hours and hours playing with them. Mostly Jane just sorts them and gathers like pieces together and makes us guess what she has in her hand.

So for every day that Josh is "dry" we give him a very small Lego set. He has had a few accidents along the way, but he has yet to do more then pee his pants. He does however have a very hard time with the whole wiping thing, though he puts in a good effort, bless his heart. If I am not in the bathroom the second he is finished he can be found trying to get the poop off his hands and onto the toilet paper while it is still on the roll.

We have a long way to go, but I have confidence in the little dude that he will figure it out. We will keep you posted.