Friday, June 17, 2011


For some reason I have found myself in a graveyard three different times in the last two weeks. The kids and I visited the Provo City cemetery a few times, once with Grandpa Holmes and once coming home from taking Coco to the groomers. The kids and I wandered through the grave stones looking at the names and dates and wondering about the people who had died. Josh sounded out the names and Jane put a little clover flower on about fifty headstones. It was really peaceful making our way through the graveyard and the kids were surprisingly respectful of the graves and that we were in a sacred place. We had a few interesting conversations as we walked, and I am always surprised how much the twins understand. We met Grandpa in the graveyard while he was waiting to get his car fixed and he told the kids stories about the people buried there (all made up) and stories about his childhood.
I love getting to spend time with my Dad and I really love to hear his stories. The ones he makes up are always really good but my favorite are the stories about his childhood. My dad is really fascinating, he lived all over the country as a child and his stories about his childhood are from a different time.

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