Friday, June 24, 2011

Rock Collection

We went to American Stone a few days ago to pick up a few flagstones that we needed for the yard. The twins do not like running errands, so I had to be sneaky sneaky to get them excited about this trip. I told the twins that this place had a huge collection of rocks and if they can listen they would get to pick out a few for their own collections.
Josh and Jane have been collecting rocks for the past six months. Mostly they each have a large assortment of gravel and random rocks that I would love to chuck. There are a few interesting ones too, plus it's really fun to see them get so excited and curious about anything nature related.
I just finished my flagstone project and I love that I ended up with a place to plant some moss after all!

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kel bel said...

Looks so good! How did I miss this when we were there last week??? Thanks again for the fun gathering. I loved hanging out with the gang!