Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract
-8+ beans per cup of Vodka
-Sterile glass bottle with tight fitting lid
-Lots of patience

Split the beans lengthwise, scrape out the caviar (or not if you are lazy like me) and put it all in a sterile bottle/Jar. Add the vodka at one cup per every eight beans, put the lid on and shake what your mamma gave you! Shake it daily-ish for the first week and then whenever you think about it for the next six-ish months. The nitty-gritty for this project can be found on the Vanilla Review.

I used Baron Rothschild Vodka and Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans, though you can use any number of combinations between the two. I just purchased some Tahitian beans and I am headed back to the State liquor Store for some more Vodka. See you there!

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