Wednesday, April 30, 2008

:: See Jane. See Jane cry. Cry Jane cry. ::

I used to wear this little dress when I was a bit older then Jane and I loved it. I can still remember sitting in church thinking about how pretty I was in my cute yellow dress (lots of modesty I know, but I was only 3 at the time). However when I was three I suffered from a bowl hair cut like most of my family when we were little. Bless my heart, but it was the early 80’s.
p.s. I am still not sure why Jane started to cry, but as suddenly as she started she stopped and then needed a hug and wanted to look in the mirror.


KickButtMommy said...

That is a darling dress on a darling girl. How fun to have clothes from when you were little. I got nothin'!

Moddy said...

she looks so cute. Love the ponytails.

miss kitti said...

I love that you're taking pictures while she pretends to cry. Hilarious!