Tuesday, April 29, 2008

:: A Whosie-whatsit for the Thingamajig ::

The clothes line now has a clothes pin holder, Hooray! I know it's not as cute as my Grandma's clothes pin holder but was hers water proof, I don't think so.

Anyway I thought I would give you a quick update from the Jones household over the past week-ish.

Hornets killed in the house: 6
Spiders killed in the house: 2
Tear shed over said wee beasties: 0
Picnic tables put together: 1
Swing sets assembled: 1/2
Times Jane went potty in the toilet: 1
Times Jane went potty on the bathroom floor or similar: 3
Times Jane insisted on wearing "big girl underwear" but held it until her diaper was back on: a bajillion

So good times!


miss kitti said...

Yay! new post! Love the bag. What did grandma have?

Kallunki Family said...

Your water-proof whosie-whatsit is awesome. I enjoyed your rundown of the week. It reminds me of when we potty trained Detroit and she loved sitting on the potty and yelling, "I did it!" But she actually never did. Then we gave up for a while and finally sometime after her third birthday, she actually did it. Those were the times. Now we just enjoy Joaquin having mega poop explosions that DO NOT stay in his diapers. Oh the fun of it.

KickButtMommy said...

potty training stinks!

Moddy said...

BRIBERY, works everytime. With Miss Magoo is was a big girl bike. It took 2 wks and while there is still the pull-up at night we are doing great. Though I must say she was ALOT older than your kids are. I'm impressed that you are doing both at once, that would be too too stressful for me.
And were you talking about mom's blue apron for the clothes pins? Does she even still have that?

nat said...

i love that you have a clothes line! can we please get together?!