Thursday, June 5, 2008

:: New Do ::

This was supposed to be a mohawk, however this little punk couldn't
sit still. The back ended up all wonky and off center, so this is a

Whatever you call it, I think it looks rad. Now all we need to do is
dye it purple!


KickButtMommy said...


miss kitti said...

Dude. You have a totally hip kid. He was cute before but this just pushes him all the way to "far out". Nice.

Randall Jones said...

WARUM!! Grandma Jones in Germany

Maudie Jane said...

I was jk on the purple!

Randall Jones said...

I was just kidding on the WARUM (German for why?) Josh could have absolutely bald and be darling. What a handsome young man who is nearly 3. Can't wait to see him with a new do and old one or no hair at all. He's a cutie and so is his MOM!!

And Jane Maudie...that little redhead is a keeper FOR sure!! Love you ALL! Grandma Jones in Dortmund.
P.S. We'll see you in 2 weeks.
There's a flohmardt in Hombruch tomorrow. Wanna come?

Jessica said...

Does he love his hair?

Maudie Jane said...

Yes, well, Maybe, I'm not really sure. He seems to be cool with it. I guess mostly he is glad that the cutting is over.