Monday, June 30, 2008

:: That'll shut him up ::

We have a new game to play during church, we call it "sticker leg,"
pretty inventive, I know. It was really the only thing that kept him
quiet during sacrament and the only thing that kept me from giving him
a boot to the head.

I feel that I have tried a lot of things to entice my children into
reverence, or at least to get them to try to keep it down to a dull
roar. There doesn't seem to be a lot I can to do to keep from having
everyone stare at our crazy family mulipule times during an hour long
meeting. It's not as bad if you happen to be at a different ward than
you usually attend, at least then you can pretend that it's not your
poor parenting skills that lead to your son's need to see the crowd
from the stand. It could be that this just happened to be a hard
Sunday for him, the little wipper snapper. However, your home ward is
much harder to fool, eventually they will realize that your daughter
doesn't have turrets and is just repeating words she has heard you use.

If I was to ever consider another religion, it would be something with
outdoors time, or maybe just two little seat belts on our bench to
keep them in one place, though I could just start bringing a roll of
duct tape to church.

For now, I'll just buy more stickers.


miss kitti said...

LOL. What is it with every kid under four needing to get to the stand as quickly as possible? Do they have something to say? Are they feeling "it"?

Sorry to hear about the terrets. Always awkward.

Moddy said...

Can't stop laughing, so been there. PJ used to love to plaster me with stickers usually on my shirt, nothing says happy like a smiley face on the girls, good times.

Richard Dandelion said...


It's not Tourette's. It's church. Does it to me every *(&#^!)@! time.

If your li'l b#$(**&s are as colorful as you say they are, rest assured that most of the congregation is relieved to have something to listen to besides the speaker.

Jessica said...

You are too cute Camille. I love this post. Even nine month olds can get rowdy at church and I suppose the fun will only get louder. Sticker leg, what a great game! I wish you were in my ward.

KickButtMommy said...

Amen sister.