Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discovery Park in PG

We went to Discovery Park on Friday with Michele, Andrew and Hannah and had a great time. This park has everything, swings, slides, towering staircases of doom and all kinds of things for the kids to learn and... wait for it, discover. I love this park for so many reasons, mostly because it reminds me of the old Howarth Park back in Santa Rosa before they torn down all the old wood structures, but as parks go, it rocks.

As much as I love this park it really is a special occation park and not to be visited more than a few times a year. It is just too hard to keep track of all of the kids at the same time. All of the wooden structures make for a lot of hiddy holes which are fun for kids but not so much for the paranoid parent. I lost the kids a few times and quickly found them again.

Elliott was in Heaven, he found so much to do, it was so sweet to watch him wander around experiencing all sorts of new adventurers. He particularly liked the slide and all of opportunities to climb.

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