Friday, August 20, 2010

Goat Rock

On our last day in California we went to Goat Rock on the way home from Armstrong Grove. There were warning signs on the dunes letting visitors know that this is one of the most dangerous beaches on the Sonoma Coast. Awesome, but we still had a great time, a great careful time. Mostly we just didn't let the kids go anywhere near the water. They found plenty of things to do anyway. The twins and I made sure the seagulls knew who was boss, and chased the flock around the beach. The kids also got some good diggin' time in and the ever popular "can we keep this" game.

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miss kitti said...

Yep. I always hear Dad's voice telling us all the people washed out to sea when I think of Goat Rock. Of course, that doesn't stop me from going...

I'm glad you had a good, careful, time.