Wednesday, March 5, 2008

:: All My Wildest Dreams Have Come Ture ::

I know some of you might be wondering how a fifty-five gallon drum and two bags of leaves could help my wildest dreams come true. I am equally sure that there will be other(s) who will think to themselves, "Fifty-five gallon drum, bags of leaves, if I could be so lucky".

So here is the deal, I have decided that this is a garden year for the Jones Family. Last year I planted some flowers and a few herbs and they actually grew. I know, right? Regardless of the tomato plants dying a slow and terrible death because they were planted way, way too late last year, we will be ready this year.

So on to all the stuff in the picture, we are going to be composting this year. I was talking to my Dad, (Mr. Green Thumby McThumberson) and decided that another way for our family to be "green" would be to compost our kitchen scraps in to lovely rich fertilizer for our garden. I know that depending on the time I invest in aerating and the mix of "green" waste and "brown" waste (please don't get any idea's folks, "brown" being leaves, wood shavings, ect) that I use it could be a long while until said compost is ready for action.

This doesn't bother me so much since this is really about using kitchen and yard waste in a useful way then the top soil that will be produced. So ever since my Dad and I talked I have had dreams about making my own barrel composter instead of investing a few hundred bucks in a ready made one. I also don’t have any trees that would provide leaves so these bags are from neighbors who have been dutifully raking. My sister bought this drum and others like it for water storage, but they will make perfect barrel composters with a little black paint and some trickery.

Now if only I could get my hands on some pig crap and some more sunny days and we’ll really be cooking.


Moddy said...

Yeah for composting!! I'm so happy that you were able to get the leaves and the barrel. Hope that you have much success with it.

miss kitti said...

Best of luck. I'm sort of jealous but very impressed.

Emilie & Branden said...

I too, have a composting dream. I don't even have any veggies to grow....I just want to compost.

Jiles Pfamily said...

i can't wait to see all your veggies!