Friday, March 14, 2008

First Kiss

7 years ago today, I had been dating Camille for a couple of weeks and we decided to take a little road trip down to Springdale, UT to see one of our favorite bands, the Mother Hips. Court and Stefanie joined us in our car and a bunch of other friends went down as well. It was a very memorable trip for many reasons. It was my 50th Mother Hips show. I had the fun opportunity to jam with them during the set. And, while the opening band was playing, Camille and I went for a little walk. I knew that this was the time to lay the first kiss on her. Apparently her roommates had a similar suspicion and had bets placed that involved Camille buying them all ice cream later. Also it was little emily's birthday. (Happy Birthday Emily!) Below are some pics from the trip. The one with Tim and I was taking by Tim and you can see Camille rocking out in camouflage in the background. Good times!!!


KickButtMommy said...

50th show? You must really like this band, and what a great story!

chilidawg said...

Why don't you just buy their tape?

Jessica said...

I remember your cute. Seven years? Sheesh.

Stef said...

I feel so honored to be remembered, and I had no idea you knew where my blog was...I just thought I stalked you and Camille's blog in secret!

That trip was super fun, and as I play the Mother Hips song on Rock Band, I tear up to think I was so close to them I could have picked their noses...good times.

btw...your kids are ADORABLE!