Monday, March 24, 2008

:: Easter Sunday ::

I'm not one for Easter Dresses but I had to buy this little one. I love the red and white checks; I think I love this fabric because even though I don't remember my Mom wearing her green and white checked dress, we have 27 million pictures of her in it. I love that dress, she made it herself and it was nice and comfy to wear while she was pregnant with one of the kids.

Here are the twins at Lorna's house for a little Easter egg hunt. It's amazing how fast Josh picked up on the egg gathering part. Mostly Jane would find an egg, stop everything else and eat the candy. We forgot to bring their Easter buckets (the same ones they play outside with, except with shredded brown paper for grass) and we didn't have time to do our own hunt last night so we are going to do one in our back yard tonight.

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Danny said...

Omigosh that is funny because our oldest, Samuel picked up on the egg gathering concept pretty well, but the younger Matthew did the same as Jane - as soon as he found an egg, he'd open it and gorge himself on the candy.
BTW - I'm kgordee's friend high school