Tuesday, March 4, 2008

:: Grandma Gloves ::

These remind me of a little grandma sitting around knitting socks and talking about her hip replacement.

I'm not sure how I feel about them yet, I have always wanted gloves like these, but I don't know. I might be totally kidding myself though; these could just be the equivalent of stirrup pants for your hands.


Moddy said...

not quite stir-ups for your hands, they are nice looking, though I am reminded of My Fair Lady. The scene were she is selling flowers in downtown London???

miss kitti said...

No no no, not at all stirrups. I love these. And I totally recognize that sweater (right?). So happy to see both. The gloves are very cute and you will be a totally rockin' old lady. Very bad-A.

Maudie Jane said...

Thanks, Kitti, and yes I love that sweater (Thanks!). I pretty much wear it everywhere despite the fact that part of an arm is sun bleached from being in the car too long and it has gotten very yeti like over the years.