Thursday, March 12, 2009

Am I too far gone?

So every time my niece comes over to babysit the kids she always brings over paper dolls for the kids to play with and they love them. So I thought I would take a look online and see what I can find in the paper doll department. Amazon had a great variety and guess what I found, yep these beauties, Pride and Prejudice paper dolls. Clearly not as dashing as the A&E version of the book, but also clearly very cool.

Yes, I know I'm thirty but I still have children who want to play with toys and want me to play with them. I can sit forever and play legos with Josh but Jane and I don't have a lot that we can do together except draw and play with play dough. So I'm really excited to get these in the mail. I also ordered some Flower Fairies dolls and some A Midsummers Night's Dream dolls.

I'm not sure who will have more fun playing with them, me or Jane.

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