Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bunk Beds

We have been thinking for months about what kinds of sleeping arrangements would most likely work (keep the baby from bodily harm) after Elliot arrives. If we put the baby in with Josh, he wouldn't survive the night, if we put the baby in with Jane he might last a little longer but would eventually be "loved" to death. Neither of those options really work for us.

Michelle suggested bunk beds and we were all over that idea. So we put the kids in Josh's room while we painted and got their new shared room ready. I wanted to paint and redo things so that it would seem more like their room and less like Jane's old room.

I love this yellow even though it is a little bit brighter then I originally wanted and it's really hard to see the actual color in the pictures. The first color I had could not be color matched and was a little more mellow. Coincidentally the color we went with is called Mellow Yellow.

The painting went faster then I thought, due to the help of Danna and Kgordee but the prep work was super lame. I really hate wall paper borders, at least it came off okay, but it still took forever.

I still have a lot to work on in the room but at least the paint is done and the beds are up. Now I just have to worry about the kids jumping off the top bunk, hanging from the rails and being crazy.


KickButtMommy said...

So cute! They will love sharing a room.

Lori said...

Good job on the paint, and I love the new bunk beds!

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Jessica said...

I love that yellow, it looks like the yellow in our guest bedroom. The bunk beds look especially dashing against the yellow. I think we have bunk beds in our future. Our rooms are so teeny tiny.