Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Day

We got off to a rough start yesterday, I layed on the couch and watched the kids play, and bemoaned my hurty back and sore legs. Then long about 10:30 it was warm enough outside to start our planting party so I got up. We planted herbs and veggies in yogurt containers that we will trasplant into the garden when the plants are big enough and are ready. I'm not sure if the kids will be able to leave all this dirt alone that long but so far so good.
The kids also had a great time with the new paints that we got last weekend while Kgordee was in So Cal. I love this picture of Josh because you can see the cute little Winnie the Pooh socks that Grandma and Grandpa Jones brought him back from Germany on his tootsies.

My biggest feat of the day however was removing the rest of the border in Elliot's room. I really hate most wall paper and this particular print is super lame. It was much more time consuming to remove then the last one in the twins room, but in the end I overcame and down it went. Hooray now let the painting begin.

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