Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, better late than never, right?? Halloween came and went this year in a gust of crafty activity and cold wind. It always flies by much to fast for me because the end of the month and Halloween means the start of cold weather, that Christmas is just right around the corner and we all know it's just down hill from there until Spring.

We headed to Dixon's for the traditional pre-trick or treating cozy soup dinner with yummy sour dough bread and lots of Family. The rain threatened the festivities this year and that is also the biggest reason we have no pictures of Elliott. When we were all suited up and ready to go but it was pouring, and once Ell was out of his costume there was no going back. We did manage about a half hour between cloud bursts out on the rain soaked streets begging for candy, and for that the kids were happy.

I love trick or treating with the kids. Dixon, Danna and I walked with them and they sped from house to house with their cousins asking for treats. I love over hearing the kids commentary on the candy they are given. Jane let a few people know that she was only allowed to have one piece of candy.

I also love the kids costumes this year. Josh was an on and off again robot with a possibility of a octopus in there somewhere. Luckily or me he settled on a robot and so we were able to make his costume together. Jane surprised everyone by choosing to be a Princess and we had a lot of fun making her crown and scepter. I bought a back up costume for Ell just in case we couldn't find Josh's old Nacho costume, it's a good thing too because he ended up being a purple dragon after all.

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