Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet the Cruppets

This picture could be an Awkward Family Photo if these puppets were related, or people, or well, alive. They are also less creepy/starey in person, or in puppet.

I made these little people for Josh for Christmas to go with the puppet theater he got. It is so much fun to make puppets. I'm not sure how many YouTube videos I watched on puppet making but they were all fascinating.

Josh and Jane have been putting on puppet shows for anyone who will sit still. Mostly the shows consist of one puppet giving a long winded explanation of the performance that will never take place. After such a long introduction naturally the puppeteer has a much better show in mind that needs another explanation. The other popular show has two puppets that fight over something until the fight escalates to head butting and both puppets lose interest.

I love that the twins love these little puppets too.

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