Monday, February 25, 2008

:: Conversion Story ::

So I used to crochet, a lot, not that I was very good but I felt some confidence in my abilities. I love making stuff out of yarn; however I have always loved the finish look of a knitted item over the finished look of a crocheted one. I didn't realize that knitters can be really crusty about crocheters, (who knew) but apparently there is a lot of animosity out there in crafty blog land.

I still like to crochet, however I find it hard to go back to since getting into knitting. I am even less competent with knitting needles then I am with a crochet hook. I can't whip up sweaters in two days like some, I still haven't finished those freakin' socks and I still avoid patterns with too many tricky stitches. But I love knitting, so I have converted my little hook organizer to all things knitting.

I made this last year and I am thrilled to see that my needles and knitting notions fit so nicely. Hooray for multitaskers!

This Japanese fabric is the back side and though I love it, it is just a little too cute, almost creepy cute, oh well.

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miss kitti said...

I love your organizer. I really need to make myself one of these.

I had no idea about the knit v. crochet wars either. Wow. Pretty much we can always find something to be disdainful of, I guess.