Saturday, May 17, 2008

:: Big Beds ::

Jane in her new "big girl" bed. The kids have been in their new beds
for almost two weeks now and we are just now starting to get back into
our routine. It has taken blood sweat and tears to get the kids
through these last few weeks. Okay, it was mostly sweat and tears but
there was a little blood in there too.

Today was busy around the house since we are working on getting our
garden in. We kept finding snakes in the yard, especially under stuff
I was picking up. I have my suspicions that it was actually only two
snakes, one had a definate death wish.

At one point I thought the snake had skidaddled, when I turned around
and Josh had it cornered on the pavement. He would pick it up with no
fear and run with it. When it did happen to be on the ground he would
chant "go snake go". I had to save it by putting it in our neighbors
yard (sorry Susan).

Hopefully tomorrow we will be planting trees and getting our planter
boxes ready. Happy gardening to all.


KickButtMommy said...

Snakes, big beds, and gardens! You have been busy!

Jacob Paulsen said...

Wow. We mowed our yard today and had to dig up some old garden stuff but no snakes. Now I feel under accomplished. Thanks a lot.

miss kitti said...

So, are they staying in bed? That was such a trial, getting Grace to stay in bed.

Heidi said...

Wow! Big beds. I am dreading putting in the blood sweat and tears that it is going to require.
Congrats on being done with it! YOu rock!
Any tips?

Maudie Jane said...

The only advice I can think of is to hide the crib after you take it down. There are still a lot of tears though, I don't know how to avoid those.