Wednesday, May 28, 2008

:: Garden Stuffs ::

I have been working in the back yard for the last two weeks on and off and this is where I am so far. I have all three planter boxes planted with seeds and or plants. I have a wee bit of earth turned over for larger plants and I moved my compost pile to the far side of the house. You might not think that sounds like a lot of work but you can let me know how your arms and back feel after moving two yards of dirt and turkey poop from a trailer to planter boxes.

I still want to transplant some of my tomato plants to smaller make shift planter boxes when they get a little bigger (and yes I totally bought the tomato and the pepper plants, no judging!) because apparently I have five plants too many in each of my boxes. Who knew they would get so big?

I was keeping my compost pile next to the back fence in big barrels hoping that my neighbors in back of us would see necessity of going in on a fence with us, but I guess it wasn’t stinky enough to do the job. I know that we have a fence and we don’t really need a new one, though it would be nice sunbath naked when ever we want to (you can never have enough freckles, right guys………..guys?) and the chain link doesn’t hide as much as you would think.

Having a garden in the back yard has presented all kinds of problems with the kids that I never imagined. Like I never thought I would have to say stuff like, “Josh get out of the turkey poop and stay out”. I thought I would share these pictures before the kids destroy the plants and fling all of the dirt out of my boxes. Oh well, I love working in the yard and the kids love “helping” me.


miss kitti said...

You are totally all Planty McPlanterson. Good on ya. I love your boxes.

Moddy said...

Yeah for gardening. Do you have a spot that the kids get to plant their own stuff? Maybe that'd help with them getting into your plants

Grandma and Grandpa F said...

Loved catching up on your blog, what darling kids and I am very impressed with your garden, I know what hard work it is. Love you guys,
Aunt Janice

Randall Jones said...

wHello there, Camille and Scott. Good looking grow boxes. Maybe you can share some produce with us these year as we may be home a bit late to get the garden in. But perhaps it won't be too late if we find some BIG plants.

Whatever!! More than plants, we can't wait to see all of you. Love, Mom and Dad in Dortmund