Monday, May 12, 2008

Home from Albuquerque

I got back from New Mexico today. I had such a great time hanging out with my good friends Brian, Kelli, their 2 boys Miles & Otis, Jared, and Brian's parents. It was a nice break from the usual craziness of life but it is also so good to be back with Camille, Josh & Jane!

Trip highlights:

Yummy New Mexican food
Getting to know Miles and Otis more
Catching up with old friends
Not worrying about responsibilities
Jazz winning in overtime
Petroglyph National Monument
Staying up till the middle of the night Saturday night talking to Jared, just like sleepovers from back in High School
The list could go on but I am tired.

Buying 2 jars of excellent Trader Joes Spicy Black Bean Dip only to have it taken away by airport security. I guess it does have potential for some powerful side effects.
The fact that I bought my plane ticket before I realized that it was Mother's Day weekend. (We will be celebrating that next week)


Jessica said...

What a fun weekend! Sorry about the black beans--I can send you a care package full of them.

Sherman Family said...

Sounds like a fun trip! That's funny that you didn't realize it was Mother's Day!

Kallunki Family said...

uzJared had an awesome time. I am glad you guys got to hang out. Sure wish I could've been there, but hopefully we will see you sometime soon. I think I am coming to Utah this summer with the kids. I'll keep you posted.

The Howick Family said...

fun times! i had that happen to me one time - i had a carmel apple taken away by the Jazz (bball) security. i almost cried. for reals! i had my heart set on eating my carmel apple while watching a jazz game. security can be so mean!

kel bel said...

we'll bring you some black bean dip in July when we come out. It was great having you here and we look forward to seeing the rest of the fam when we're up there.