Tuesday, May 27, 2008

:: Let's talk about Emilie Campbell ::

So Emilie is one of my favorite people, she is an amazing photographer and the coolest friend. Emilie took our wedding pictures, my bridal shots and our engagement pictures. Oh yeah, she has also taken numerous pictures of our kids and a massive family shot at our last reunion.

So needless to say we love Emilie, she always makes us look good. Here are some super cute pictures of the babies that Emilie took that I still can't get over.

Emilie, thank you for all of the beautiful pictures that you have taken of our family over the years, you rock! So check out her site and give her a call next time you are in need of an Amazing Photographer!


Sherman Family said...

Such sweet pictures!

Jessica said...

Such cute cheeks! Josh and Jane are easy photography material.

miss kitti said...

love these. Her website is amazing! I wish we lived closer my family so needs new pictures.

Emilie & Branden said...

You guys are the bomb. Thanks for spreading the word!!!

Maudie Jane said...

You guys know that we love you and you are Amazing (you have to sing "amazing" to get the right effect) and the raddest photographer ever!